Sunday, January 1, 2012

My week 12/25 to 12/31/11

Sunday-Christmas Day. It was going good. Until we start playing UNO. I had one card. Livia took my card to see what I had. No big thing. We play a 2nd game of UNO . I had 1 card again. Livia took my card again. My sister Carol (Livia grandma) said something to Livia. Stori told Livia she knew better. Because Stori talk to Livia. About what not to do to me. I point my finger at Livia and told her that I do things for her and she treat me like a jerk or dirt bag. After the 2nd game. Livia got up from the table. The next thing I knew was Livia was crying. Michael took me to his house. Trisanna and Michael build together. I came home. I start thinking of Livia I start crying.

Monday-I lay down in the living room all day. I think all the drinking I did from Friday until Yesterday. That could why I feel the way I do Today.

Tuesday-I had 5 mops at work to wash. I had 4 loads all together at work. We had snow shower for about 2 hours. I didn't get my mail Today.

Wednesday-After I got done working at work. I went to pay my gas and Eletric bills Today. I wish I knew why I can't stop crying over Livia from Sunday.

Thursday-I got done working at work at 8:45AM. Went to Huck for a diet coke. then went to Walmart for the week.

Friday-Order out went ok. We order from Shakeburger.. I did 2 load of laundry at home Today.

Saturday-New Year Eve. I did my laundry Today. But didn't put the laundry away. I didn't get my mail.


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