Sunday, January 22, 2012

My week 1/15 to 1/21

Sunday-I turn off my computer last night. My sinus kick in again. Because I stand outside without a coat, when Michael was fixing my window Yesterday. I got my pen pal notes done Today.

Monday-It Martin Luther King Day. My W-2 was with my paychecK. I send a message to Trisanna about my W-2. Chad told Stori and Jamey what he learn about Martin Luther King Day. Chad said only whit skin kids was only one to be on the playground long time ago.

Tuesday-After work went to the bank. It was busy They only had t windows open. It start storm bad it got black out. I'm giving my Indianapolis Colt Blanket to a friend on Facebook.

Wednesday-crazy Day

Thursday-I gas my car up. I cost my $15.40 I got a box from the Post Office for the Indianapolis Colt Blanket. My Internet was out at 11:29PM. So I call Frontier about the Internet. the guy said it was a out, and they have guy working on it.

Friday-I got up at 4:30AM to see if I had the Internet NO. I call again the lady was rude and didn't have answers. So I call again at 7AM the guy said the whole state was out, but don't know when it be back on. I got home from work at 11:10AM NO Internet yet. So I call again the person ddn't have any anwsers yet and it be 12 hours it been out. It came back on at 11:45AM. Trisanna send me a message on Facebook to tell me that she will have Michael come and get my W-2 for her next week. Sophia Rae Blake is 7 months Today. It start to rain with Ice Tonight.

Saturday-Why Everytime I think I will have a good weekend. It start going bad on facebook last night. I think I made a good move. The day went down all day. I didn't go outside Today. Because everything was Ice it didn't hit 37. The thing on Facebook didn't stop. Owen Charles Sullivan is 7 months Today.


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