Sunday, February 5, 2012

My week 1/29 to 2/4

Sunday-It's Matthew 27th Birthday. Michael come around 5:55PM to get my W-2. I cancel my order of Clay Aiken new CD at Amazon and order it at Barnes and Noble.

Monday-I thought I lost my Medical ID last night. I knew I didn't have it on Yesterday. I look for it for 10 mins before I went to bed. I was pulling my hair out I can't find it. But I saw it on the floor next to my bed as I was getting in the bed.

Tuesday-Today is the last day of January. The weather is crazy. It be in the 50's or 60's. I had 8 loads of laundry at work.

Wednesday-I received the cookies from Raynell. Monday, Yesterday and Today I didn't wear a coat to work. Because it been 50's in the mornings. I have $122.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar

Thursday-I had to wear a coat Today. Because it was 39 this morning. I LOVE tweet to Clay Aiken I do it about 3 time a day. I call to renewal my license plate. It cost me $119.05

Friday-Mary TXT me at 12:28AM to tell me where she want to eat for lunch. I will have to gas my car up on Thursday.. I put all my laundry away Today. I wash my towels Today.

Saturday-I didn't do anything Today. But was my sheets from my bad. Put other sheets on my bed. I received my renewal paper for my licence plate.


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