Sunday, February 19, 2012

My week 2/12 to 2/18

Sunday-I start writting my blog at 3:30AM. Jamey posted on Facebook that Ian told him. He was going to change his name to John for John Deerer. Ian is crazy about John Deerer.

Monday-I only send  out 3 pen pal letter Today. But I received 4 pen pal letter Today. I give 4 cookies from Raynell. I told Angie she will get hers cookies on Friday.

Tuesday-It Valentine. my valentine gift. It was flowers from Carol. The card said: Sorry  just  from us not Clay. Love, Mike & Carol.

Wednesday- I received my Indiana state tax check from my taxes. My Night went down hill on facebook.

Thursday. No I don't have to work. Went to the Bank then went to Walmart. My night went down hill on Facebook again.

Friday-. I call to get a hair cut on Thursday.. I order 3 books from Barnes & Noble. They are not coming from B&N. The books are Candyland , Surviving Marcia Brandy and finding my true voice and Stori telling.

Saturday-I went to Walmart for the month. I donate $10.00 to NIP on Facebook. The Lady Rams Basketball team win the first game in the Regional Today. But they lost the 2nd game. So The Lady Rams season is over.


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