Sunday, March 18, 2012

My week 3/11 to 3/17

Sunday-Stori put a picture of Parker with his cast on hers Facebook page. I got 11 pen pal letters done. Put some of the laundry away.

Monday- I went to the Bank , the Post Office , then Wal-mart to print out pictures. But the lady couldn't print the pictures. When I was there. So I will go back Tomorrow.

Tuesday-I had 6 load of laundry. I went to Wal-Mart to get the pictures. I didn't get any pen pal letters Today. But I wrote 3 letters for new pen pals, and mail them next Monday. 

Wednesday-The weather been great. The weather been in the 80's and my heater haven't come on at night too. But it been raining off and on.

Thursday-It Mom 78 Birthday. Went to the Park with Stori and my 3 Boyfriends. Indiana College Basketball Team win the First round of the NCAA. They will play again on Saturday.

Friday-I didn't put the laundry away. I think my dryer is deading. I miss YandR Yesterday and Today. It wasn't on because of the NCAA.

Saturday-I didn't do anything Today. Indiana College Basketball Team win the 2nd round of the NCAA.So they are in the Sweet 16. I'm wondering if Clay Aiken got a Unanimous Verano this last week. 


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