Sunday, March 25, 2012

My week 3/18 to 3/24

Sunday-A lady made a new The Young and The Restless just for the USA Fans group on Facebook. Because a lady from Canada was post the day before video of the show or post about the Monday Show on Saturday.

Monday-A door was open at work A bird got in. It took the bird 15 mins to fly out. I went out to Stori's to have Parker show me how to use they DirecTV  down stair. All Parker's friends worte in gold on his cast.

Tuesday-I had 7 load of laundry at work I go done working at 12:30PM. I didn't take a nap because I got the Internet after I got home.

Wednesday After I wrote Today date it hit me. That Sophia Blake was 9 months Yesterday and Owen Sullivan  is 9 months Today.

Thursday- I got my car gas up for the week It was $18.60. I hang my laundry out to dry Today.

Friday-After work I went to Walmart for the week then took my food out to Stori's Stori told me. I can go home before 4PM on Wednesday. UK ate the HOOSIERS in the sweet 16. The cookies from From Raynell didn't come.

Saturday-I went out to Stori's at 9:02AM I went back to Town at 4:15PM. Raynell Cookies wasn't there yet. I had to turn on Stori's heat Today. Michael call but I had to call him back. Trisanna and Michael have date for they wedding June 2, 2012.


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