Sunday, March 11, 2012

My week 3/4 to 3/10

Sunday-I feel better then Yesterday. I didn't write any pen pal letters. It start snowing Tonight first time this  year.

Monday-My steps was snowy  and Icey . I got to to workI ok. Paoli schools was close for the day at 7:30AM for the first time this year. Crane cleaning crew didn't go to work. The snow melted by 2PM. 

Tuesday-Crazy Day

Wednesday-I had 7 load of Laundry at work  I got home at 2:30PM. 

Thursday-It rain off and on all day. It was wet and windy all day too. Barry Manilow Fan Club send me Barry tour dates. Louisville, Ky is on the list I e-mail the list to Christy and Stori. Stori told me we are having dinner and cake for Ian Brithday. on Saturday.

Friday-When I got home. I got on my Facebook and saw this on Stori Facebook page: "I must REALLY LOVE someone. Because I am thinking of volunteering to go to a Barry Manilow concert with her-Deborah A. Brand. Indiana college basketball team lose the Big Ten Tournament.

Saturday-It Ian 3rd Birthday. I had my friend Sue move a picture of Ian from my Facebook wall to Clay Aiken Fan Club. Parker fracture his left arm playing in a basketball game. Stori and Parker was in the ER from 2PM to 5PM. Stori have to take Parker to the cast clinic in Bloomington , IN before 8:30AM. I talk to Stori after Ian party about Barry Manilow concert in Louisville. Stori can't go on July 27. Because stori have plans she can't get out of it. So I said we wouldn't go at all then. Stori said she could go on Aug 3. I said Jamey would have Owen by his self for 6 hours. Stori told me that Jamey had Owen for 11 hours by his self. 


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