Sunday, April 1, 2012

My week 3/25 to 3/31

Sunday-I wash the dishes that wasn't in the dishwasher . Because Stori dishwasher is not working since Friday because of the sink.

Monday- There was 2 guys in Stori's  kitchen working on the sink. The guys didn't find problem with the sink. But the dishwasher didn't work. So I TXT Carol, Carol came she called Stori. Carol turn off the house power turn it back on. It didn't help so Carol call Windhorst . The guy will come between 9-1 Tomorrow. Then Carol and I took all the stuff out of the dishwasher  and wash everything by hand..

Tuesday-I had 7 loads of laundry at work I got to Stori's and the guy never got here to fix the dishwasher. So I call Carol. Carol call Windhorst  the guy didn't walk in the house. So he came back. The guy work on the dishwasher. He have to order the part. I start getting my stuff together.

Wednesday-I got Stori's  sheets from her bed in the washer. Before.So I could get to Stori's and start pack my car. I TXT Stori at 1:45PM told her that I was going home for good. I went to Paoli Health and Living for my TB test..

Thursday-After work  I went to Walmat for the week. Then I start doing my own laundry.  Then went to pay the town bills. Did another load of laundry. Start mow my grass hang 3 load of laundry outside.

Friday-Order out went crazy. Taking the orders was ok.  Shakeburger don't open until 11AM and we start calling at 10AM because we had over 40 orders. We got the orders in by 10:30AM.

Saturday-Went to Paoli Health and Living at 8:15AM to have my TB test readed I think I got catch up on my sleep. Clay Aiken watch the UK vs  of L NCAA game Tonight. Because he tweet about it. I sold 5 CD's in a week.


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