Sunday, April 8, 2012

My week 4/1 to 4/7

Sunday-It April Fool Day. I have $488.00 in my National Inclusion Project. I didn't get anything done Today. Like I want to get my pen pal letter done.

Monday-I received $2.00 for the CD of STEADFAST by Clay Aiken. I send 2 CD's of STEADFAST to Celine Tan in Canada. Some people got to work, but run out of gas and NO money for gas to get home from work. We may not get paid until Monday.

Tuesday-I had 7 load of Laundry at work
Wednesday-I was so happy thinking about donating $491.00 to National Inclusion Project. But when I got home, my Internet was out. So I call Frontier. So I call Stori to see if I could use they computer. She didn't answer. after 5 mins Stori call back. I went out to Stori's.. I donate the money at National Inclusion Project own web site. After the donate I tweet @Includingkids. Then I tweet @Clayaiken about the money. Clay retweet back to Thank me. I received$10.00 from November Night Owl for 2 CD's. 

Thursday-I had Stori take me to Jamey Office. We had lunch before we went to Jamey office Jamey meet us. I pay for everyone lunch. Owen look like his Grandma Charles(my sister Carol). Jamey said Owen don't act like Carol. I told Jamey he have 18 years to see if Owen act like Carol. I got my paycheck Today. 

Friday-Today is Good Friday. I went to the bank then went to gas up my car.It cost me over $22.00 I got $2.00 again for a CD of Clay Aiken. All the money I get for Clay Aiken go into my National Inclusion Project jar. Mary & I went out for lunch.

Saturday-I wash my towels and hang them outside. It was 52 before 12PM I start wirting pen pal letters Today.


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