Sunday, April 29, 2012

My week 4/22 to 4/28

Sunday-I post on Walmart facebook page Yesterday. I received a email from Walmart. The email is this: Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I have forwarded your comment to the appropriate team. I hope the post I put on walmart facebook page will help get more CD's of Clay's in Walmart's. I think Jamey, Stori and Owen on they way home from they trip.

Monday-Since Friday I had red bumps under my underarms. But this morning there was 2 red bumps on my my right breast. So I call the doctor office at 8AM. to see if I can get in after 12PM. I got in at 1:20PM. My doctor told me it WASN'T chicken pox but have a infection. I blog about  it a Clay Aiken Fan club and I thought I put wasn't . But everyone who comment said sorry you have chicken pox. So reread my blog and I had was. So I  change it WASN'T.. Jamey, Stori and Owen got home last night at 11:30PM.

Tuesday- I had a appt at 1:20PM . But didn't get in until 1:50PM. But was driving home at 1:56PM. I had 8 load of laundry today at work

Wednesday-It hit me in the shower. I forgot to pass out 2 notes on Monday. I told Donna about my red bumps.

Thursday-crazy day

Friday-Order out went ok. Donna took me to get the pizza's We had 31 personal pan pizza orders. My back is not in pain from the bumps. 

Saturday-I had a BAD day. my home phones is dead. But if you all you can hear the ring, but I can't hear the ring or call out.. But my Internet is working ok. NO ONE CAN GET HERE UNTIL TUESDAY. I will not be home on Tuesday. I received my membership of Barry Manilow Fan Club and CD/DVD of Barry. But NO CONCERT tickets. I'm calling STARZ about the tickets on Monday at 1PM. We had a bad storm with hell.


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