Sunday, May 6, 2012

My week 4/29/ to 5/5

Sunday-After my nap. I start getting sick by 5PM. I was drizz and couldn't eat dinner.I lay down, everytime I try to sit up to eat I got drizz. So I took some meds. I lay down I turn on my alarm on my cell to turn on at 8:30PM.The alarm did come on. I turn it off and fell back to sleep until 10:38PM So I miss Celebrtiy Apprentice.

Monday-The phone guy come at 1:45PM. The guy cut my Internet cut off. Then drove away and didn't come back until 3:30PM, by 4:15PM I had phone and Internet again. I called Starz about Barry Manilow concert tickets. The lady told me that the guy she need to ask phone is busy.. So The lady ask for my home phone number. The call back in 2 hours later. The lady told me the tickets was mail out on Friday. (27). So I txt Christy and Stori about the tickets. Christy thought I would get them Tomorrow or Wednesday.. My Internet wouldn't let me watch Celebrity Apprentice.So I miss Clay going crazy.

Tuesday- I had 7 load of laundry at work. I didn't received my Barry Manilow concert tickets Today.

Wednesday-I didn't received tickets Today. I received a email from Starz with a tracking number. But it didn't work at Boxoh or I call my doctor to see if I can get in Tomorrow. 

Thursday-At 5:34 AM I check the tracking number and it work at the tickets was mail at 11:25PM on May 2 from Los Angeles. I got to see my doctor. He gave me more pills and cream for my bumps. It will be 4 months Today I will see Barry Manilow.

Friday-Mary and I went to Long John Silver'. My tickets are in Orlando, FL since 6:08PM.

Saturday-I only thing I got done was my laundry. I will have to put last week and Today laundry away Tomorrow. 


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