Sunday, May 13, 2012

My week 5/6 to 5/12 was down for about 2 hours. After Celebrity Apprentice look at and my package was in Indianapolis since 10:23PM.

Monday-Capital One own HSBC credit card company. But I can keep my account number for right now. I got my package from Starz. Jamey post on Facebook last night that Parker and friend catch a 4 foot long black snake and bit, but it not the first time Parker bit by a snake..

Tuesday-I could renew at Clay Aiken Fan Club. I fill everything and check on Credit Card. My card was block. So I try again and it was block. So I use Palpay it work. I thought it was just because it was the renew to this club. So I to order something. NO it was block. So I call So I call my credit card company to see it why I was block from Ground(Crtl) The lady they block it because wasn't in Indiana. I don't understand they didn't block me 2 year ago when I order Clay concert tickets.

Wednesday-Why everytime I start having a bad day it the whole week. Why everytime I think  I have a good  friend online I get hurt.. I'm sick of geeting lie to online too.I put $791.00 in the bank, $300.00 of it is for Barry Manilow tickets. The $491.00 is for donate to National Inclusion Project.  The went on my Credit card..

Thursday-I went to Walmart. There was 1 CD of  STEADFAST by Clay Aiken and 2 CD's of  Tried  & True by Clay Aiken I took all 3 of them. I'm saling them for $2.00 each. When did Walmart bags change from white to gray. Dad come to pain the barn for me.

Friday- Dad come to paint the barn again. I got a recall note from GM. It about my Spark plug boots and Spark plugs.

Saturday-Today wasn't that good. I didn't do anything. Stori found a  green and black snake on they pool cover .She post picture of it around her hand and Ian holding it on Facebook.


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