Sunday, May 20, 2012

My week 5/13 to 5/19

Sunday-It Mother Day. Stori call in the Morning about having Mother Day dinner at her house. Clay Aiken is in the finalist of Celerity Apprentice.

Monday-When I got home at 10:30AM. I had no Internet. So call Mary to see if she had the Internet She had no Internet. So I call the Frontier Internet part of the company , but it was busy. I call Frontier they was busy. I try to use my cell it was out of order. It Took until 1:30PM for everything to work again. When the Internet was down we couldn't call out of Town or use toll-free numbers.

Tuesday-I had 9 load of laundry at work. Because I had to make a load into 2  loads. I inbox Frontier at Facebook about Yesterday. 

Wednesday-I went to the 6th grade graduate. Livia got the President award and others. Then the music teacher was giving out a special award to one person. Who help him all the time. Anytime he need help the person is there to help. He look for the person. I was thinking it couldn't be Livia. The teacher said LIVIA SULLIVAN. So since 3PM today. Stori will have a Junior high, 5th grade and kindergarten start school on Aug 10, 2012.

Thursday-I didn't do my laundry Today. Because I had a hair cut at 10AM. Then went to Wal-Mart for the week. I got to the Look for my hair cut. The lady was on the computer. I sit down in a chair to get my hair wash. But I could see the computer and the lady was fixing pictures on her facebook page.

Friday-I got my laundry done for the week. I put 2 weeks of laundry away Tonight. I got drizz Tonight not bad. I was drizz all night. So I  took a pill for my drizz.

Saturday-I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. But I got 2 CD's player and 2 hanging flowers too it cost over $111.00. I sleeped most of the day. Because of the pill from last night. I have a problem with Clay Aiken chat room. 


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