Sunday, August 19, 2012

My week 8/12 to 8/18

Sunday-I look at my old concert tickets . This are the concert I went to: Shaun Cassidy 1979, The Marshall Tucker Band 1980, Kenny Roger 1983, BarryManilow 1987, 1993 and 2012, John Mellencamp 1999 and Clay Aiken Aug 2005, Nov 2005, Dec 2007 ad March 2011. The pictures are in the way I saw the singer.
Monday-It start raining before 8AM. I went to the bank after work. I think I can put all 5 pictures in my blog next Sunday. Because I try with 2 pictures Today. This is a full week for the kids at school.

Tuesday-I had 9 load of laundry at work. Mom call Stori , Jamey and kiddo are having dinner at her house on Friday. I guess I will go too. The sound went out on TV at 4:42PM on Channel 12-CBS. I call it in. The sound came back on around 5:15PM.

 Wednesday-I turn the Internet at 4:55AM. But it didn't come up. So I turn off the Internet box, turn it back on the light come on red. I call the Internet part of the phone company but no one answer. So I call the phone company no one answer, but a guy voice come on said about 3 Towns didn't have the Internet since 4AM. So I call Mary at 5:15AM. Mary turn off her box. When Mary turn it on the light was red. Internet came on before I got home from work. I TXT Stori Yesterday to see when Ian start playschool. Stori told me Ian start next week.

Thursday-I did my laundry after Y&R Today. I do need to write pen pal letters. I start wrting a letter on Sunday but didn't get it done. I behind bad in my  letters.

Friday-I send a message to Stori on Facebook to see if she order Barry pictures from the concert yet, Stori forgot.. So I went out to Stori's to order pictures. I will received them on 8/23 or 8/28 by mail. We went to Mom and Dad for dinner. I talk to Jamey about getting my own cell phone account. It will cost me $80 to $100. But will have to wait until March.

 Saturday-I been 7 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert for the first time. I went to Walmart for the month. I save $13.55 in coupons.

                                                        UNITL NEXT SUNDAY


  1. Your busy week puts me to shame! I have a lot of loads of laundry to do. The pictures do add a nice touch to the blog.

    Have a great week.

  2. Deborah, I haven't been here for a few weeks as my laptop was in for repair. Your blog is great, I love the photos, only wish I could learn how to post like that. I have always liked Kenny Rodgers too. Hope you have a good week.