Sunday, November 11, 2012

My weeek 11/4 to 11/10

Sunday-Paoli Peaks had  they open house Today. Jamey want snow. So he ca ski.. I did my bills for People Magazine and TV Guide Magazine.
Monday-Call for a apppt. to see my Doctor. Because I been in pain when I since Tuesday afternoon. Told him I been in pain before and after I pee. Since Friday. I had blood as I wipe he gave my phenazopyridine and Ciprofloxacin.

Tuesday-I had 9 load of laundry. I think I should take 2 pills a day. Because that how I should take them. the one pill Ciprofloxacin.

Wednesday-I received a brown envelope full of Friendship books. from Natasha Christmann from Canada. I will send some Friendship books back to her.

Thursday-I got 3 Birthday cards. One for Christopher, Parker and one for my claymate friend Sue. I found a Big Christmas card for Sophia. I post on Matthew Facebook wall that there will be a card in the mail for her that they will not miss the card.

Friday-I mail Sue and Christopher Birthday cards from the post office. IU won the basketball game over Bryant. IU 97 Bryant 54

Saturday-I clean some of my computer room. Full 2 brown envelope of Friendship books. For Natasha Christmann and Joyce Wright. IU Football team lost to Wisconsin.


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  1. It looks as if you've had a busy week. I sincerely hope your medical problem is getting better with the meds the doctor prescribed to you.

    I am anxiously awaiting Clay's tour. I've been to all the other tours but not a Christmas one.

    We have so much to do around here with the mess the birds make, no to mention our own mess.

    Take care, be well soon and some medicinal hugs,