Sunday, November 18, 2012

My week 11/11 to 11/17

Sunday-It Carol's 54 Birthday Today. It Veternas Day. The School had Veterrnas Day on Friday. I need to write pel pen letters, I'm a month behind in writing.
Monday- I did the 9 load of launday Today. That I do on Tuesdays. Because the crew that give me they laundry Monday night. They had the day off Today because of Veterans Day. So so they leave they laundry Friday night. I got home at 1:50PM

Tuesday-It Parker 11 Birthday Today. We had a Birthday dinner . He made out good with Money. Out of 3 cards He made $100.00. It feel funny coming home at 9AM Today.

Wednesday-I had to get a light bulb for my left back light on my car. Stori give me a Vera Bradley bag and purse. I found out my is back in the nursing home from the IU Hospital.

Thursday-I was able to was IU College Basketball game. They won 45-99 Jamey and Parker went to the Basketball game. Parker high five the player as they went off the court after the game.
Friday-The Internet went out around 4:28PM for an hour. It went out 2 week ago for 10 mins. I think it help when I report How long we was out for 3 week. in September and October . Since then we have been out that long. But will report it if it 24 hour or more hours in a month.
Saturday-I order Livia Christmas gift Today. from Barnes and I got my State Farm Insurance for my trailer . I will pay it online, on Nov. 30 The due date is 12/12/12.


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