Sunday, December 30, 2012

My week 12/23/ to 12/29

Sunday-Dad, Mom, Christy, Tom, Christopher and I went to Frnch Lick to the Dorm for lunch. Then Tom and I went to Walmart to print out the pictures from March to Friday night. Then we went to Carols for dinner.
Monday-Christopher went home at 11AM. Christy, Tom, Carol, Mike,Dad and I went to the boat to casino and I win $35.75. Christy, Tom and I had dinner at my parents.

Tuesday-Christmas Day 2012. Went to Carols at 8:30AM but had to come back to get my Camera We had Breakfast then open and lunch Christy and Tom went back home. They know if the roads was good or not

Wednesday-It rain, sleet at 2:30AM by 4:30AM everyting was cover. I sty home from work. I shovel some, the wind was cold and bad. So I came in after 10 mins. Jamey and Parker come to shovel what I didn't get done at 5:30PM. They made a patch around my car.

Thursday-I got to work had 4 load of laundry. We are not ordering out Tomorrow. Because there was only 6 disabled person in the workshop out of 40. Only thing I got at walmart was Milk.

Friday-The snow almost gone. But they said more snow Tomorrow. I paid my gas and Elec bills. I'm getting sick with my sinus.

 Saturday-Yes it did snow last night. I went out side and took pictures of the. I been coughing all day. I did something I should done a long time ago.


My week s 12/16 to 12/22

Sunday-I wrote 2 pen pal letter for pen pals that lives Oversea. I will do some Tomorrow too.
Monday-After work I went to the Post Office to mail my 2 pen pal letters Then came home and write 4 pen pal letter.Christy Email about when everyone is coming and leaving. for Christmas.
Tuesday-I wrote 8 pen pal letters Tonight . So I'm done writing. I almost had 10 load os launday Today at work Today.

Wednesday-Went to work got all mops together. I went over to the washer turn it on NO water. Turn it off the washer. I try to turn on the washer again NO water. Went to the head guy. He said the water pipe broken Yesterday. I come home got Christmas gift in gift bags. Went to the other build to do 2 load there then went to check on the pipes at 10:30AM They was fixing it. So I could work on Thursday. I went to Wal-Mart to get Sophia Christmas gift.

Thursday-I had 2 days of load in one day. They said it will Ice up Tonight. Mom call because everyone going to 33 for dinner on Saturday and Dad will pay .

Friday-There was Ice on the roads. Tom pick me up for dinner at Carols. Tom had to help me from the car to the house.

Saturday-We give Sophia hers Christmas gifts Today. Because Matthew and family going home Tomorrow. Christopher come, 17 out 20 family members went to 33 for Dinner.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My week 12/9/ to 12/`15

Sunday-It rain so bad I jump out of my computer chair. I didn't get any pen pal letter done again. I full a brown Envelope full of friendship books for a lady done. I put the book "RememberWhen" from National Inclusion Project in a brown Enveelope for a Claymate friend.
Monday-It cost me over $10.00 to mail the 2 brown Envelopes. One lady will get her Envelope on Thursday. The other lady will get her Envelope next Monday. Ticketmaster have Clay Aiken concert cancelled in Detroit on 12/14.

Tuesday-Clay Aiken had a day off from his tour Yesterday. Clay have Mondays off. I had 9 load of laundry at work Today. Yes the concert in Detroit is cancelled. Clay tweet it wasn't his choice to cancelled.

Wednesday-I start writing pal letters. I found out that we are working on the 31th. I have to talk to the lady I work for Tomorrow about the 31th .

Thursday-Clay have the day off. I talk to the lady I work for. YES we are working on the 31th. Did my laundry for the week. I got a Christmas card for my friend who is in the nusring home.
Friday-Clay Aiken have the day off. I took Matthew and Lyndsay Christmas card to work. Everyone LOVES the card. Because it was all pictires.

Saturday-Indiana College men basketball team play in Indianapolis, IN they play Butler, but they lost they 1st game. In overtime 88-86.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

My week 12/2 to 12/8

Sunday-Why Every Sunday I can't get anything done. I plan to write pen pal letter but never get them done. I don't understand.
Monday-After work. I went to the bank to put my paycheck in. My disablity check went in my account Today. I received Parker 2 books I order Friday for his Christmas gift. I didn't wear a coat to work this Morning. Because it was 65 outside at 5:30AM

Tuesday-I had all 9 load of laundry Today. It rain off and on all day. I received Owen Christmas gift Today. So I can start baging everyone gifts in Christmas bag.

Wednesday-I think I know why the person who had my car before me give it up. I start my car at 5:15AM to deforst the windows to drive to work by 5:30AM. I got done working at 8:45AM. Went out to my car. My car waas frost. So I had to sit in my car for about 5 mins to deforst the windows so I could see out. Christy call we talk for a bit I told her about Sophia Big Christmas card.

Thursday-Christy TXT me to tell me this: I am at Matthew and Lyndsays babysitting. The card is here Very cool.  I did laundry for the week Today.
Friday-Put my laundry away before work. It rain off and on all day. Was hopping to write pen pal letter but didn't.
Saturday-Wash my towel and sheets Today. It rain in the morning. The high was 54. But it will be 39 for the high on Tuesday.