Sunday, December 30, 2012

My week 12/23/ to 12/29

Sunday-Dad, Mom, Christy, Tom, Christopher and I went to Frnch Lick to the Dorm for lunch. Then Tom and I went to Walmart to print out the pictures from March to Friday night. Then we went to Carols for dinner.
Monday-Christopher went home at 11AM. Christy, Tom, Carol, Mike,Dad and I went to the boat to casino and I win $35.75. Christy, Tom and I had dinner at my parents.

Tuesday-Christmas Day 2012. Went to Carols at 8:30AM but had to come back to get my Camera We had Breakfast then open and lunch Christy and Tom went back home. They know if the roads was good or not

Wednesday-It rain, sleet at 2:30AM by 4:30AM everyting was cover. I sty home from work. I shovel some, the wind was cold and bad. So I came in after 10 mins. Jamey and Parker come to shovel what I didn't get done at 5:30PM. They made a patch around my car.

Thursday-I got to work had 4 load of laundry. We are not ordering out Tomorrow. Because there was only 6 disabled person in the workshop out of 40. Only thing I got at walmart was Milk.

Friday-The snow almost gone. But they said more snow Tomorrow. I paid my gas and Elec bills. I'm getting sick with my sinus.

 Saturday-Yes it did snow last night. I went out side and took pictures of the. I been coughing all day. I did something I should done a long time ago.


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  1. You've been a busy lady! We've had just a bit of snow, nothing compared to you. The photos you posted are very nice and I enjoy seeing how fast the kids are growing. Deborah, please be careful in this bad weather. A fall would really put you in a fine fix. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. It's always more fun with little ones around. I read this backward so I'll have to go back to last week. Have a Happy New Year.