Sunday, December 30, 2012

My week s 12/16 to 12/22

Sunday-I wrote 2 pen pal letter for pen pals that lives Oversea. I will do some Tomorrow too.
Monday-After work I went to the Post Office to mail my 2 pen pal letters Then came home and write 4 pen pal letter.Christy Email about when everyone is coming and leaving. for Christmas.
Tuesday-I wrote 8 pen pal letters Tonight . So I'm done writing. I almost had 10 load os launday Today at work Today.

Wednesday-Went to work got all mops together. I went over to the washer turn it on NO water. Turn it off the washer. I try to turn on the washer again NO water. Went to the head guy. He said the water pipe broken Yesterday. I come home got Christmas gift in gift bags. Went to the other build to do 2 load there then went to check on the pipes at 10:30AM They was fixing it. So I could work on Thursday. I went to Wal-Mart to get Sophia Christmas gift.

Thursday-I had 2 days of load in one day. They said it will Ice up Tonight. Mom call because everyone going to 33 for dinner on Saturday and Dad will pay .

Friday-There was Ice on the roads. Tom pick me up for dinner at Carols. Tom had to help me from the car to the house.

Saturday-We give Sophia hers Christmas gifts Today. Because Matthew and family going home Tomorrow. Christopher come, 17 out 20 family members went to 33 for Dinner.

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  1. Many years ago I used to send out penpal letters too. I loved receiving them but answering seemed to be a difficult chore. I admire you for your dedication.

    Yes, the Detroit concert was cancelled and I was very unhappy about it ... not just not being able to see Clay again but there were several people going that I wanted to meet up with. All my best wishes to you and yours,