Sunday, March 17, 2013

My week 3/10 to 3/ 16

Sunday-Today is Ian 4th Birthday. Carol had our parents, Michael, Trisanna and I out to her house for Michael Birthday lunch. Because Mike and her wasn't in Town on March 1. Indiana College Basketball team win the THE BIG 10 CHAMP. Stori got to Kinahasa safe.
Monday-After work I went to the Bank. I put $350.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. The group Stori is with in Kinshasa, they are a day ahead.

Tuesday-I got done working at 11:15AM. I went Long John Sliver for lunch. I didn't eat there. I went and got and come home and ate here at 12PM.
Wednesday-Everyone was at the workshop Today. Because the vans didn't run last wednesday. I'm taking $40.00 out the the bank for cash Tomorrow.

Thursday-I got everything to eat for the week for the microwave. Because I don't what to use the dishwasher on Thursday night.

Friday-A co-worker and my Mom Birthday is Today. Carol Mike took Mom & Dad out to eat for Mom Birthday  At Donald Ross Golf Course in French Lick, Indiana. I went with them. Carol ask me if I could walk a straight line after drinking a glass of wine. I told Carol I can't walk a straight line if I didn't drink. Stori is on her way home from Congo.

Saturday-Stori got in the LouisvilleInternational Airport 2 hours  late. Jamey waited for Stori for 2 hour at the airport. I'm so happy that Stori back home. I can see my Data for my Internet for my Iphone on my home computer at verizonwrieless.


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  1. Today is my Mom's birthday. It's hard to believe she has been gone 14 years.

    Deborah you and I would make a great pair! Neither of us can walk a straight line with or without wine. LOL

    That is so wonderful of Stori to go back to the Congo. She has such a big heart.

    Our cell phone contracts are up now so soon we'll be cell phone shopping. I want something that i can actually hit the numbers on. Don't even talk to me about texting 'cause I hate it.

    Have a great week.