Sunday, April 7, 2013

My week 3/ 17 to 3/23

Sunday-After I got my weekly blog done. I went in the living room and saw it was snowshower. It snow shower off and on all day.
Monday-I told some co-worker what Carol ask me Friday night. I had a co-worker call last Friday to see how much the personal pan pizza is. They told her $4.00 for all kinds of personal pan pizza.
Tuesday-Yesterday I call Social Security Administration. Because I got a note from them saying. I don't have to send in my paystubs if they are not $1,000.00 a month. I talk to Stori about taking my food out to her house on Thursday.

Wednesday-Sophia is 21 months Today. Told Stori. I should be at her house by 10:30AM with my food for next week.
Thursday-Owen is 21 months Today. I got to Stori's at 9:30AM when I got to Stori's Parker was home sick from school. Stori told me they was picking the kids at 12PM at the school to go on they Spring Break.

Friday-The order out went crazy. I saw Stori and Jamey going to the school to pick the kids as we got the pizza's. So I didn't eat at the workshop. I went to Stori's.

Saturday-I wondering how to get Toby in my car. I pack all my ffod to take back to my trailer, but my milk. I got home around 5:30PM. I'm going to sit and wait on the snow storm.


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  1. That pizza looks GOOD!!!! Happy celebrations to Sophia and Owen!