Monday, April 8, 2013

My week 3/24 to 3/30

Sunday-When I got up. There was snow and Ice on the grass. Thank I didn't stay at Stori's. My luck we would get a 1" or more. So I have to sit and see how much snow we will get by Tomorrow.
Monday-We didn't get any snow but on the grass again. It make me mad. Jamey mom. call to see if I was moving back to Stori's . I said Tomorrow.
Tuesday-I move back in to Stori's at 11:30AM.I TXT Jamey mom to come with Toby. I start not feel good when I went to bed at 2:30AM. I had diarrhea. I clean myself up, put my PJ's in the washer. I lay down.

Wednesday-I got up at 4:30AM for work. I couldn't call in sick because I got back out here at Stori's Yesterday. I had diarrhea 3 time Today. My stomch was so much pain. I call Mom. She had dad come with 2 Aleve. I took one as dad was here. I ate crackers and water all day after I got to Stori's. Stori and Jamey Internet went down on me. So only thing I have is my facebook and twitter on my Iphone. I TXT Sue to tell her to go to Clay Aiken Fan Club that I didn't have the internet and that I had the flu.

Thursday-I wash my clothes Yesterday. I had diarrhea 2 time Today. I start packing to move out of Stori's.

Friday-I feel better Today. Today is Good Friday I went to my trailer to take my suitcase home. But I didn't made it. Because my car dead on Sandy hook by the white church. I call dad. He had to take me to pick my other stuff at Stori's like my Journal. I went home 12 hours early.

Saturday-Cindy and Mike got to Carol's around 12PM. Michael gave me his 1991 truck to use until I get my car back from Babcock. Cindy and Mike leave around 5PM. They are on Spring Break this week. They went to TN for the week.

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