Sunday, June 2, 2013

My week 5/26 to 6/1

Sunday-I wrote pen pal letters. I got a lady address She send me a envelpoe full of Friendship books. Her name is Patricia Zandkuil. Patricia is from Holland. I put some of my laundry away.
Monday-It Memorial Day. I was going to get my pen pal letter done. I only had 5 letters to do. I got all letter printer out and 3 envelopes done. Then the printer stop taking the paper. So I PM Stori. Ask her to ask Jamey to order dell printer. The web site I haven't post on. NO  one ask about me and it been a week I haven't post.
Tuesday-I found out why I couldn't go in at 5:30AM at work. A lady ask where I'm and if I'm ok on the web site I stop post on. It took a whole week for someone to ask about me. I received a full envelope of Friendship book.

Wednnesday-I TXT Stori to see what time she want to go to lunch Tomorrow for her's Birthday. Stori TXT back. She can't go, because she have to go to Bloomington for the church bible school. I only had 6 load of laundry at work.
Thursday-Stori Brithday is today. I will start parking in front on Monday at work. Another lady ask where I'm and if I'm ok on the web site I stop post on. I received envelope full of Friendship books.

Friday-Order out went ok. There is a link in the break room. They putting a new roof on. Some how the rain is coming in the break room.
Saturday-I have $144.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. I have $58.00 in my Bailey Baio Angel Foundation jar. A lady ask where I'm and I'm ok. On the web site I don't post on. Why can't they TXT or call me. My home and cell phone numbers are on my facebook page. But the lady ONLY call the ones THEY meet, that RUDE this ladys are to me. I been in a storm for 2 days and no one call me or check my weather to see if I'm safe.


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  1. Hi Deborah,
    I didn't realize that the storm was in your area too. I'm glad you're okay. I don't watch TV very much so I don't get the news. You seem to keep yourself busy and I admire you for that.

    Wish Stori a belated happy birthday for me. You are lucky to have such a wonderful lady in your corner.

    Take care and I hope the weather settles down for you.
    Love and hugs,