Monday, June 10, 2013

My week 6/1 to 6/8

Sunday-Michael & Trisanna been married for a year Today. Jeanne Cooper family had hers memorial at hers house Today. I did laundry for the week.. I hoping to get Fridahip books Tomorrow. It wasn't as cold as the last 2 weekends
Monday-Matthew and Lyndsay been married for 2 years Today. Today is Christy Birthday too. I didn't have HOT water in the morning. My upper & lower thermostat was bad, it cost me $125.66 to it fix.

Tuesday-It nice to have HOT water. It nice to park in front at work. I didn't have to eat lunch at work. I renew my membership at Clay Aiken Fan Club last night.

Wednesday-I PM Stori to see when she can come with the printer.I got done working at 11AM Today.

Thursday-Stori come with the boys, Chad ask me why I wasn't at Kindergarten graduation. Carol called Christy and Tom coming down for Dad Birthday and he don't know about.

Friday- Stori and Jamey been married 16 years Today. We had a Birthday dinner for dad with everyone great grandkids tooWe got a Ipad for Dad

Saturday-It Dad Birthday he is 85 year young We went to 33 Brick Street for Dad Birthday dinner. Then we went to the doom for a BB drink for Dad. I got a picture of Christy, Carol & I. there NO grandkids under 14 with with us.


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  1. Sounds like you had a nice week. That's a good picture of you with your nieces.

    A lot of anniversaries in your family this month. I guess June is the month for weddings.

    I love that graduation picture of Chad. It is so cute.

    Have a great week and I hope the storms have all passed.

    Take care, Hugs,