Thursday, August 29, 2013

My week 8/4to 8/10

Sunday- I did my laundry for the week. I hang my laundry outside to dry.

Monday-I mail 3 Brown envelopes at the Post Office. I put my wood table on the Orange County for sale on Facebook.

Tuesday-I got 2 brown envelopes full of friendship books. I LOVE Friendship books.

Wednesday-3 persons want my wood table. The first person will pick it up Tomorrow after 4PM.

Thursday-The lady come to get the wood table. She come an hour late. I got $20.00 for it.

Friday-My friend should be back at work on Monday. She had her left eye work on last Thursday. 

Saturday-Why can't I clean my trailer I clean for about 2 hours. Then after lunch. I don't feel like cleaning. 


1 comment:

  1. Deborah, at least you clean Saturday morning. I have to get some stuff done this weekend but it will probably be just a dream. I am still tired from my wonderful week in Ogunquit.