Sunday, March 16, 2014

My week 3/9 to 3/15

Sunday-Livia came with the Strawbarriers, around 9:50PM. I order a Red Velvet cake from the 8th grade Choir. 

Monday-Ian Yale Sullivan is 5 year old Today. I fell at work Today. I didn't get hurt. But it made me at mad at myself. I went to see my doctor for my left heel. He put me back on Mobic. Then I got a blood test for my Thyroid, my doctor refill my Thyroid pills. Donna couldn't get blood out of me.
Tuesday-I could mix the load together at work. I got done at 10:30AM. Last night I order new shoes.
Wednesday-I got done at 10:30 AM at work. Had 5 loads. They said it will snow on Sunday 
Thursday-I got Ian Birthday card when I went to Wal-Mart for the week. Around 8PM I look at the Birthday card. It for a girl not a boy.
Friday-After work I went to the Bank to get $50.00 for Ian Birthday. Then went back to Wal-Mart to get another card for Ian Christy called for our parents address for Mom Birthday gift. 

Saturday-It Mom 80th Birthday. I got 3 Brown Envelopes pack full with Friendship books. Stori TXT  to tell me they are having a Birthday lunch for Ian at 1PM. Tomorrow. 


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  1. A happy birthday (belated) to Ian and your Mom.

    We had some snow last night too. All I can say is "enough already". This winter has turned into a nightmare.

    Hope you are well and take care,