Saturday, August 9, 2014

week 8/6 to 8/8

Wednesday- I haven't wrote in my Journal since March. My Nephew Michael became a DADDY on 3/21. To a baby girl. Michael & Trisanna name her Lyzah Mae Charles
The 1st picture is Lyzah 2 days old and the 2nd picture is Lyzah 4 month old. In April I got a new Stori order it for me. My friend Sue got Clay Aiken to sign a cell phone case for me. He knew who I was he read my Night & Morning tweet at twitter. Stori had Sue send it to her. So Stori could give it to me. Stori video me as I open envelope with the case in it. I went crazy. I went on Twitter to thank Clay Aiken for the case. Yes I did Thank Sue abot 100 time too. In June my job had a Birthday bash. My cousin Cindy and her family come down for the weekend. The 1st week in July I house & pet sit for & Jamey. I won a sign CD by Clay Aiken on Monday 8/4. Our area code 812 will change on 10/6 to 930. I will have to use 812 for local calls starting 9/6.

Thursday-I received 1 white envelope 1 brown envelope full of Friendship books. I did my laundry for the week. I hang all my laundry up in my trailer to dry.

Friday-Clay Aiken son turn 6 year old Today. I put all my laundry away before work this morning. No friendship books in my mail Today. I print out 3 persons address to tape on brown envelopes. So I can mail them on Monday. It rain Today off and on.


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  1. Hi Deborah, nice to see you blogging again. Your grand niece is sweet. Two special Clay happenings for you, your cell phone cover and your autographed CD. Lucky you! Haven't seen you at the OFC for a while but I think I read that you had renewed. We are getting more clack than we have ever had. OMC is working his butt off to get to know his hoped-for constituents. I think they'd be crazy not to vote him in as he will work very hard for them.