Saturday, August 16, 2014

My week 8/9 to 8/15

Saturday-I didn't get any friendshipbooks. But I did pack 3 brown Envelopes with friendship books. The friendship books are going to Honolulu, HI Merced CA & Austria. Nick Leisey Email for my address last Wednesday to send the CD to me.

Sunday-I pack the coupons that I don't need. I mail them to a lady in Orlean, Indiana. Orlean is about 8 miles from me. I told the lady I would mail them to her. Because I go to the post office every Monday to mail friendship books. Big Brother is 2 hours late.

Monday-It cost me $7.00 to send Friendship books to Austria. I was hoping to received the CD sign by Clay Aiken . Nope if I don't received it on Wednesday. I will Email Nick. I didn't received any friendship books Today. Robin Williams dead at 63. He kill hisself.
Tuesday-I didn't received sign CD Today. But I did received a check for $5.92 from Ebates. I call about the 930 Verizon the lady told me verizon will change the area code for everyone starting 10/6 it may take until 10/8 to get everyone have 930. No friendship books Today in the mail.

Wednesday-I received Friendship books from a lady from Louisville, KY. I didn't received the sign CD from Clay Aiken yet. So I email Nick. About 5 mins after I E-mail Nick, he email me this:

Hi Deborah

Thank you for your Patience. The CD actually hasn't been mailed yet, but you will certainly received it. Given how amazingly full the days are and that we spend most of our time in the field trying to lock Clay down for a moment to sign and personalize is challenging.

Again thank you for your patience and I'll update you once it been sent.

Thursday-Got done working at 7:50AM Stori come to help with the pictures on my Iphone. We had to order 2 times. Because we forgot to order Clay Aiken house pictures. Trisanna put a new picture of Lyzah on Facebook. I received friendship books from a lady from Sacramento CA. I forgot to put on the sleeper on my bedroom TV last night, it was on all nightr last night.
Friday-I found out Today we are not having order out day on 8/29. Because a person plan a cookout on that day. I got a new pink changer for my Iphone. Because someone ate on my phone changer when I house sit in March. I didn't received Friendship book. I did mow my grass at 2PM.


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    That's a cute pic of your great niece. :)

    I guess good things come to those who wait so you'll have to be patient waiting for the signed CD. I think the people on Clay's team, including Nick, are probably going crazy keeping up with him. Someone said he is like the Energizer Bunny and from his concerts, I believe it!

    Nice to know that you are still on top of your penpals with the friendship books. They must keep you quite busy.

    I have been chatting on FB with a nice Pakistani woman quite a bit and it is nice to share views with someone so far away and from such a different culture as ours.

    So sad about Robin Williams. He will be truly missed.

    Take care and have a good week.

    Hugs, Carole