Saturday, September 27, 2014

My week 9/20 to 9/26

Saturday-I went to Shakeburger to see if they be open next week. There a sign from the IRS in the door. So that means we have to go to Superburger on Friday. I received a pack of friendship books. But I can't mail any on Monday. 
 Sunday-First day of Fall. Lyzah is 6 months old Today. I wake up at 3:47AM in the living room. I try sleeping in my bed after 4AM, and couldn't. So I got up for the day at 6AM
 Monday-I went to my doctor for my cough that I had all Summer. He give me Tessalon, Keffex & Zyrtec. We will order from Superburger.
Tuesday-I had a feeling about coving up the water meter with the ramp. So after work I went to Town Office. The  lady told me. We are NOT allow to cover up the water meter. They need to get to it easy.
Wednesday-I only had 3 load of laundry at work. I got done at 8:15AM. I guess I will mow my grass Tomorrow. Because my neighbor mow his Today
Thursday-My shoes, bedspread, Night Gown, I order last weekend. Come at the some time Today. The Night is flannel. I mow my grass with my mulching mower.

Friday-I got 5 brown envelopes done with address before. work. We find out that Superburger is up for sale. They prices went up, and we didn't know so we didn't have the full total. Superburger will not make a new menu with the new prices. So we may have to stop ordering out after October.


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  1. Hi again,
    That's a sweet pic of Lyzah too. :) I hope your cough is improving with the medication. This has been such a strange summer and I think a lot of people have been suffering as a result of it. First it's too hot, then too cold. We had our nicest days at the end of September but I think it is starting to get much much cooler now. Dee mowed our front lawn last week and it has grown a lot already. Usually by the time we are into August, the grass isn't very green but this year it has stayed really green right through. He mowed the back at the end of the week and I must get out and see what is happening in the garden. I have a med appt. tomorrow so I'll be out and take a trip around the yard.

    Is that ramp at Stori & Jamey's place? It's a very nice house. I am trying to figure out why the ramp would be covering the water meter as it seems awfully low. Ours is on the side of the house so it's not a problem. That ramp has been beautifully built and I'm thinking it is probably for Jamey's parents, or one of them. Of course, I am guessing because I don't know squat! ;)

    You have a great week and hopefully I'll keep up with things a little better now. At least I got my email down to less than 550 unread but it's still over 400!

    Take care,
    Love'n'hugs, Carole