Saturday, November 29, 2014

My week 11/22 to 11/28

Saturday-I got my towels wash. I got my weekly blog this Morning. We got to the after the game started. 
 Sunday-Harper is 11 months Today. I wrote 4 pen pal letters and worte out my rent check. I didn't do that much

 Monday-I went to work When I got a load of mops out of the dryer. The Mop wasn't dry I went to my boss. She told me that there was a gas link. So I can't use the dryer. So I went home at 7:30AM. The dyer got fix Today.
Tuesday-I got my 5 hours in at work Today. It been 9 year since I saw Clay Aiken Christmas concert. So I'm playing Clay Christmas CD in my bathroom and in my car. I'm playing Barry Christmas CD in my Kitchen.
 Wednesday-Mom was on my answering machine.When I got home. She told me that Mike Mom had a stroke  last night  They don't think she lives the day. We are not having Thanksgiving on Friday.

Thursday-Thanksgiving Day. A classmate of my pass away on Tuesday Night. Jimmy Lee "Boddie" Harkness. I sold all Clay Aiken Merry Christmas With Love CD Tonight. Mike Mom talking again.
Friday-We having a light meal at Carol's Tomorrow at 2 Mike Mom is the same. I tweet last night about Clay Christmas CD's it went on Facebook . Clay thank me for the money for National Inclusion Project Today on Facebook.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

My week 11/15 to 11/121

Saturday-I pack 5 brown envelopes fill of friendship books. We had Parker 13th Birthday dinner Tonight. Lyzah have 2 teeths coming in.
 Sunday-I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. I pick up a new phone for my living room. I got a V-tech phone. It cost my over $64.00 for Everything.

Monday-I turn on water in my bathroom last night. School was close at 8AM. The road wasn't that bad at 6AM. But I didn't go outside after I got back to from work. I didn't go to the back or the Post Office. The temp was going down.
 Tuesday-Christopher Birthday is Today. I got done working at 10:30AM. I went to get my mail from Yesterday. 
Wednesday-I went to the bank after work.. Went out to Stori's. Owen made a Fire truck out of a box. He had a parter too. I update my IPhone at Stori's

 Thursday-The weather is getting better. I got Chad Christmas gift done. So I only need Harper and Ian Christmas gift. I will be done with Christmas shopping.

 Friday-Lyzah is 8 months Today. Stori Text me, asking if I I what to go to  IU game instead of a movie for your Birthday. I said YES. So Stori & I will be going to the basketball game Tomorrow night. I went to the Post Office Today.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

My week 11/78 to 11/14

Saturday-At 9:30AM I PM Michael on Facebook to see if he was coming to take the pine tree. About 9:50AM Michael was here to cut the pine tree. I help Michael take the tree to his truck. I ask him if Lyzah had a baby doll Michael said NO. So I told Michael about the baby doll at Wal-Mart.
Sunday-It was 28 outside at 7AM. Putting laundry away. I will have to refill some meds Tomorrow. Because I'm getting sick from the weather. 

 Monday-I didn't had any laundry at the workshop. I come home change my top, took my trash out. Went to William Brothers to get refills, went to the bank. Went back to get my meds. I didn't have to wait for my meds. I post in Clayversity I ask them to share the post about Stori action for Congo. I will share it on Wednesday.

 Tuesday-It's Carol Birthday Today. Went out to Stori to see Lyzah. Went to the backdoor. There was 3 turkeys and a peacock. When I got in the house Lyzah wave at me. Lyzah have days of the week socks on.
Wednesday-The 3rd Annual OFA Holiday Auction is open until until the 18th. on Facebook. I received American Girl Magazine Today. I found out a Co-worker mom pass away. over the weekend. 

Thursday-It Parker 13th Birthday Today. I cut High School Band picture of Livia out of the Town news paper. I put it in hers photo album. Stori told me, we will have a family dinner on Saturday for Parker Birthday. 
  Friday-I went to bed at 12AM. I look outside stuff was cover in white. It got down to 19 last night. for the low. I had a sandwich from Subway. Stori had for Parker. I start eating it. My mouth was getting hot, that the sandwich had jalaperios on it. After I got done with it. My lips was hot and my nose was running everywhere.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My week 11/1 to 11/7

Saturday-I wake up at 4:30AM but lay in bed until 5AM. I received a envelope fill friendship books. My nephew Matthew wife post 3 Pictures of Sophia & Harper. But I forgot to post the pictures in my weekly blog Today. Stori Text me the kids will Trick & Treat Tomorrow Night. Because they been with the High School band all day. I have $331.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar.

Sunday-My cousin Cindy Birthday is Today. Stori & Jamey came with the kiddo to get they Halloween candy. Jamey & Stori told me Shawn move back in his Uncle home.
Monday-My bird feeder was move when I pull in to the trailer park. Then I saw the pine treewas half cut down. So I wasn't that mad.. Then I went on my back deck the steps going to the clothes line is on. Jamey Birthday is Today.
Tuesday- My new roof is up over my new steps. I ask for someone with a truck to take the pine tree away on Facebook. Michael comment & said he would come after work. Michael call at 4:14pm he wasn't coming because it raining. Clay Aiken didn't with the NC Congress.
Wednesday-I got my hair cut after my hair cut. I went out to Stori to see Lyzah . I was out there for about 30 mins. Michael come I show him the ramp, Michael told me the pine treethat was cut down on Monday is about 20 feet.
Thursday-Michael didn't come to take the pine tree. I pm him on Facebook to see if he was coming Tomorrow. Michael pm me back he have to go out of town Tomorrow. Will do it on Saturday Morning. But was sorry for not getting it done.
Friday-Mom, Carol & Storiwent to the craft sale at my work. Stori told me she will have Lyzah from 12PM to 4PM. So I went to Stori's after I had lunch with Mary

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My week 10.25 to 10/31

Saturday-I only had 2 ladys send me envelopes of friendship books. So I'm not mailing anyon Monday. 

Sunday-It been 5 years since Jamey & Stori went to Congo to get Chad & Ian . I put some of my laundry away. 

Monday-I Lyzah a American Girl Magazine to take home. I received my Barry Manilow 2015 Calendar. I received 2 envelopes with friendship books.
 Tuesday-I didn't received any mail Today. I change my State Farm Insurance card in my car Tonight. 
 Wednesday-I received Barry Manilow new CD "My Dream Duets". I play Barry new CD all day. 

Thursday-Carol will start trouble. I start buying Christmas gift Today. I have 8  more Christmas gift to go after Today. The Weather men said snow on Friday night.
 Friday-It Halloween. Paoli will have Halloween on Saturday. Because Paoli Police made Nov 1 for Halloween because of High School football game. I mail the other Barry Manilow 2015 Calendar to another Fanilow fan. I didn't take a nap Today.