Friday, March 6, 2015

My week 2/21 to 2/27

Saturday-Lyzah is 11 months We had Ice, snow and rain. storm all day until 4PM. I start hammer the Ice . My car start just fine. Because I haven't started the car since last Sunday. 

Sunday-It Livia Birthday Today. She is 15 year old. Stori took Livia to Chicago on Friday for the weekend. Michael came at 5 to shovel the Ice from the car. and my ramp. 

  Monday-My work place lot was clean. I didn't go any place but home. from work. I got my paycheck Today. I got my car hangup in the trailer parking lot. My neighbor had to shovel my front wheels out. 
 Tuesday-I went to the bank and Wal-Mart after work. I walk to the mailbox. But I had a bad time walking back to the trailer, because of the Ice. I forgot Michael, Ian and Lyzah Birthday cards.I will get them Tomorrow. 
Wednesday-The weather is getting. I paid my Town bills. Went back to Wal-Mart to get 3 Birthday cards. I had Parker get my newspapers from the newspaper box..
 Thursday-I went right home after work. Because I got my food on Tuesday.. I wash my laundry. I got it done early. HGTV channel had NOT AUTHORIZED. I call NewWave about.

Friday-Order out went crazy. The weather man said we should be in a snow storm Tomorrow Sleet/snow. I may be snow in my trailer again. I had my friend Mary get my mail for me.


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