Saturday, April 18, 2015

My week 4/11 to 4/17

Saturday-Carol & Mike came to stuff under my ramp & new deck. so the grass stop growing under it. They was here for about 2 hours. I fall outside helping Mike clean up. My right thump turning Black & Blue because of the fall.

Sunday-I'm sick of turning off my computer from the wall. I had to do it about 10 time Today. I have ask Stori for help Today with it but no answer from Stori. 
 Monday-I had only 1 9x12 envelope with coupons in it. I mail it to a lady in Orleans, IN. I do it every Monday. Clay Aiken unfollow me on Twitter. I don't undersand why. I haven't Tweet to him.
Tuesday-I had 6 loads because I had work gloves of load. I cut old T-shirts into rags. I received a E-mail from National Inclusion Project. they Gala is September 28. So I will send a check to Sue on Sept 14. Sue told me that Clay Aiken unfollow all fans but 2. 
 Wednesday-Tax Day. I got done with my main job before 8AM. So I came home change my Top. Went to the other building. If I knew what happen at the other building the whole day went to HELL for me. 

Thursday-I only had 2 loads Today at work. I got done at 8:15AM. So I came home got on the Internet. Then went to William Brothers to get refill pills. I didn't wait. I went to  gas my car up. Then went back to William Brother to get my pills. 
FridayI charge my battery for my mower. To mow my grass. Tomorrow. I didn't get any friendship books Today. So I will see if I get any Tomorrow .

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    It's been a strange week for a lot of us. The great unfollowing by Clay upset quite a lot of people. I decided to unfollow him as well to make sure I don't accidentally retweet or respond although I am sure that wouldn't happen.

    We are going to have to get out to do some work in the yard soon too. I'm so sorry that you fell and hurt your thumb. Thankfully it wasn't worse. I have to watch myself when outside too as the ground is so uneven that it is so easy to fall.

    As far as your computer goes, I had that problem at one time and then I discovered if I held the "off" button for long enough, it would shut down. Will it not shut down if you use the start menu and go to the "shut down" menu? I don't very often have to do a hard shut down but it freaks me out every time I must.

    It's too bad you couldn't go to the Gala yourself and sponsor those kids for camp.

    Take care and have a good week ....