Saturday, April 11, 2015

My week 4/4 to 4/10

Saturday-I put my laundry away. Wash my whites. I donate $875.00 to National Inclusion Project. Clay Aiken favorite my tweet about my donate. I pack about 9 Envelopes with friendship books. I got my stuff together for the bank on Monday.
 Sunday-It Easter. I wash and dry my towels. I went out to Carol's at 12:30PM. for Easter dinner. Carol was going to take a picture of Livia rabbit cake. I said I want a picture too. My dad said  NO I have NO right to take a picture. Because it NOT my house. My dad make me feel like a 2 year old. Then I made up my mind about something it will stop the screaming at me and the pain.

Monday-I had 1 day of laundry to do at work,  because of Good Friday.. I had all 4 load but little loads. I mail about 9 brown 12x9 envelopes.
Tuesday-I had all 5 loads Today. Stori text Jamey can have lunch at 11:30AM Tomorrow with us.

Wednesday-After work I went to the bank with $759.00 in cash. To make a check out for Raymond James. I went out to Stori at 10:30AM. Stori , Owen & I went to Jamey Raymond James office at 11AM in Mitchell. We ate at Wendy's
 Thursday-I couldn't get my Yahoo home page or Facebook to come up before work. When I got home Yahoo home page & facebook was working. I was getting breakfast. When I walk I fell into the bay windows. I hit my forehead, nose, my upper right arm. and upper lip. 
 Friday-My upper right arm is Black & Blue. I went to work, but I was in pain & sleepy. I received a Thank you card. from National Inclusion Project for my donate of $875.00. Parker came to get the old wood from under the new deck & ramp.

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    I feel badly for you. There was no reason at all for your Dad to act like that. You just wanted to take a picture of Livia and the cake. There is nothing wrong with that. We got annoyed at a friend of ours once for taking pictures in our house and showing them around but he was taking pictures of a large picture on our wall which was a numbered print and was worth quite a bit of money. We felt that he had no business showing the inside of our house to others. He has always been welcome to take any photos of our birds. I don't think you taking a pic of Livia and the lovely Easter cake was wrong in any way. You weren't wrong .... your Dad was.

    I am glad that Clay acknowledged your generous gift.

    That was a bad fall you had and I hope your bumps and bruises are healing and less painful for you. Your arm in particular looks really painful.

    Thinking of you and wishing you well. If you ever need to talk, send me your number on FB by PM and I'll give you a call. Sometimes it's good to be able to talk to someone who is probably close in age to your parents. Some parents are funny and do lots of dumb things so don't worry, it isn't you.

    Take care Deborah cuz I care,