Monday, April 6, 2015


3 times in 2 years I got scream at by my dad.
 The 1st  time was at my Great-Niece Birthday dinner. I just said You need to talk to mom and he said. NO I have to listen to him it went on for about 2 mins. I received a e-mail from my niece it was my false that my dad was scream at me . and my disabled at false too.

The 2nd time Dad scream at me at my other Great-Niece Birthday. With my nephew in-law at the party. Talking about feeling bad. This why I don't go to they house without one of my sister or Niece & her famil or my nephew and his family.

The 3rd time was Easter Day. I was feeling good. Then my sister said she was taking a picture of the rabbit cake her 15 year old Granddaughter made.. I said I want to  take a picture too.. My dad start scream NO YOU ARE NOT ALLOW TO TAKE A PICTURE BECAUSE IS NOT YOUR HOUSE. . He did it in front everyone and my niece Mother & father law-in. I'm 49 and he act like I'm 2 year old.

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  1. Deborah, I am so sorry about this. Read my response to your blog and I am here if you need me.

    Take care,