Saturday, June 20, 2015

My week 6/13 to 6/19

Saturday-I got my bank stuff together for Monday. We all got together at Stori's house for Dad Birthday. I was sitting by myself by the pool but Livia friend parents was standing close by and hear my dad starting going off at me. Dad go off on me everytime we get together. He make me upset everytime too.

Sunday-I didn't do anything. I'm thinking about stopping go to family together. So Dad can't go off on me. 

Monday-At work I went the bank the Post Office. NewWave cable guy was here by 2PM it was the cable box was the problem. Got the new box in 3 months. The new box don't have a clock. Then NewWave turn off my bedroom cable box because Channel 4 wasn't on. But the box never turn back on after 45 mins.  So I can't watch TV in my Bedroom until Friday.

Tuesday-I went in to work at 6:15AM. Because the guy who open the doors before 6AM. wasn't there. My boss wasn't there too. 

Wednesday-It Barry Manilow 72 Birthday. Tonight was Barry last tour concert for good. I will miss his tours. 

Thursday-I'm mad at NewWave. The work order for a new TV cable box for my bedroom, Was for  this Morning. So Yesterday I had to change the work order to next Tuesday at 1-5PM.

Friday-I save $5.35 in coupons at Wal-Mart. I text Christy to see if Sophia is coming down with her next Friday she is. It over a year since I saw Sophia. 

This is the 2nd week. So next week there should be pictures 

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    That's too bad that your Dad always makes you feel bad. My solution would be to stay away from gatherings that you know he will be there. Unfortunately, that will cut badly into your own social gatherings with your family but maybe if you aren't there a few times, he'll realize he's not being very nice.

    Boy Barry is getting up there just like me. I know you enjoyed his tours immensely so I'm sorry he is stopping. I guess now that he is married, he wants more personal time. I can't blame him.

    If it isn't internet problems, it's cable problems! Always seems to be one or the other.

    Try and have a good week despite the cable. Take care.