Saturday, July 25, 2015

My week 7/18 to 7/24

Saturday-I only have 2 envelopes full of Friendship books. So I'm not mail any this week. 
 Sunday-There wasn't no coupons in the Sunday paper Today. I clean my car out. I hoping my car don't dead on the road.

Monday-I received a letter from Social Security to see about my disabled. It was about 12 page long. I only fill out about 5 Pages.
 Tuesday-Christy & Tom been married for 36 years Today. The guy at Babcock think it was the gas cap.

Wednesday-I forgot Stori takes Chad & Ian to Bloomington, IN (IU) every Wednesday. Starting Monday I will email Stori pictures from my Iphone. The ones that didn't print out good with the picture printer. Stori will send the pictures to Wal-Mart. 
 Thursday-I start playing Solitaire Live and Solitaire Tournament. I could get off the games until 1AM. 

Friday-I'm hook on both Solitaire on Facebook. It crazy. 

Until next week

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My week 7/11 to 7/17

Saturday-I clean out my file cabinet. Because of my Verzion Iphone bills. I pack 5 brown envelopes with friendship books. The lady in the first trailer who pass away on June 23. Her family was cleaning out her trailer Today.
 Sunday-When I was in High School James Babcock was the Principal. He is a Uncle to one of Stori & Michael Cousin Josh Babcock on they dad side of the family. Mr. Babcock pass away this morning at 4:55AM. 
Monday-I mail 5 brown envelope I received a pen pal letter. I received a letter from a lady who want to pen pal. I received a brown envelope. I got the radio ready if the power go out. 
Tuesday-After work I drove over something that made my right back tire go fat.  So I went to Kemple's Quick Lube for new tire. I received 3 pen pal letters.
Wednesday-I only had 3 load of laundry. Mr. Babcock funeral was at the High School gym. Today at 11AM. But I didn't go. 
Thursday-My Engine light on in my car. Dad call Babcock Motor. But we can't get the car in until Tues. I'm looking for a car to borrow until my car is fix. 
Friday-I hang my shorts outside to dry at 6:30AM. I have Orange County Transit pick me up on Wed and Thurs. If Babcock motor don't give me a car to drive until my is fix. 
Until Next Weekend 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

My week 7/4 to 7/10

Saturday-It 4th of July. I did laundry Yesterday but hang them Today. Wash my towels. I could watch the Firework at Jay-C park my trailer parking lot. 
 Sunday-I pull weeds and put weed killer. I think a cat got sick under the ramp.  There some pink stuff under it. 
 Monday-I only had 3 load of laundry. I was able to pay my bill to Star Inc. for my A/C. I put it on my Capital One Master card. I received a white envelope with Friendship books from a lady. I was thinking a month from Yesterday the kids go back to school. 

Tuesday-I had to drive in high water after work. I received a white envelope with friendship books

Wednesday-A person made up my mind about stuff. Water got in the workshop Yesterday. So everyone had to stay in the breakroom Today. I don't think I will swim at Stori's Tomorrow if it as cold as Today. . I received a blue envelope with friendship books. 
 Thursday-I wake up at 2:30AM and couldn't go back to sleep. Since Sunday I been reading doing TV commercial at with the sound off. I received a small white envelope and a brown envelope full with friendship books. 
 Friday-I didn't go back to the workshop to get my paycheck. I received my Saving and Checking account statement. I fall to sleep on ther couch last night until 2:30AM I went to my bed at 3:37AM.
 Until next weekend

Saturday, July 4, 2015

My week 6/27 to 7/3

Saturday-Sat at home. Christy never call after her class reunion. I got 7 brown 9x12 envelopes to pack of friendship books.
Sunday-Christy never let me say bye to Sophia. I bet Christy had Breakfast with our parents before Christy went home.

Monday-I only had to go to the bank and Post Office after work . I received 2 9x12 envelopes from 2 ladys in the mail. 
 Tuesday-I got done working at 10:15AM. I saw Lyzah at Wal-Mart with Carol. Around 6PM it hit me. I forgot food. for Thursday and Saturday. Will go to Wal-Mart on Thursday.
 Wednesday-I received 1 brown Envelope from a lady. A person got they head told off. Because 2 other persons think the person told me something.. The person DIDN'T tell me anything. I'm not lying this person didn't tell me anything. The Schwan's guy didn't came he will be here on 7/7. No one came to look at my A/C

Thursday-I'm going to do something no one saw  coming. My A/C is fix. It cost me $278.67 will pay Tomorrow. I got 10 pen pal letters done Tonight. 
 Friday-I was going to pay for my A/C . But Star wasn't open. So I went and got my car gas up. I wrote 7 pen pal letter for new pen pals.