Friday, February 5, 2016

My week 1/30 to 2/5

Saturday-I put address labels in Friendship book. Indiana Basketball Team win 
Sunday-I pack 6 brown envelopes this Morning. Post to the ladys why I haven't mail any Friendship book. It hit 70 for the high.
Monday-I will put all my Dollar Bills in the bank next Monday.I had little load of laundry at the workshop.
 Tuesday-It start raining after drove home from work. I didn't get my mail box Today. A co-worker gave the book name Me & My Shadow.
Wednesday-Start cleaning the computer room I didn't get any friendship books Today. again. Trisanna PM me she got my taxes. done
Thursday-I got my laundry done by 9:45AM. I didn't get any friendship books. Only thing I got was the Paoli Newspaper. Last night and Tonight I watch the TV movie Madoff.

 Friday-It Tom Birthday I took my movie The Blind Side t work. For everyone to watch it, because Michael Other is playing in the Super bowl.

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Well my computer is up and running again but I still have a lot of stuff to put back on it.

    I never did see that movie but then I'm not a football fan.

    Take care,