Friday, February 12, 2016

My week 2/6 to 2/12

Saturday-I clean my computer desk off Today. Got my Banking stuff done for Monday. I go my tax receipt from National Inclusion Project I donate $875.00 on April 4, 2015. We had a explosion on my side of Town. I renew my license plate online Today. 

Sunday-They say it was fireworks at Olreans, Indiana 9 miles from Paoli. At they High School. But the boom was at 7:55PM and the fireworks was at 11PM at the High School.
 Monday-I didn't go to the bank. Because it start snow shower at 6:30AM. By 7AM my car was white.
Tuesday-I drove in snow to work. I drove home without snow. Michael post 4 names for the new baby. The names are Imajean Dawn or Eloize Fayfor a girl. Zyric Thayer or Thayer Van for a boy. 

Wednesday-Mike come to clean myh car off and my ramp. So I didn't have to. My job said they don't put anything on the radio they are open. The Schwan's guy didn't came until after 5pm. My cousin Karen got car jacked at work in Milwauke. The guy put a 9mm gun in her face then hit her with the gun in her face. The guy ask for hers phone and purse and she didn't have them. He took her car, house keys and school keys. 
 Thursday-I dust the walls and windows. I gas up my car Today. Because it may snow shower Tomorrow Morning. Karen post a picture of her face from the car jacked. 
 Friday-It start snow shower before work. There was snow on the roads and parking lotsas I drove to work. It melt around 11AM. I call my friend Tracy but she was to busy to talk. I will call her next Friday. There was a shunk outside by my back door this Morning. I could smell it as I walk by the door.
 Until next weekend

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