Friday, February 19, 2016

My week 2/13 to 2/19

Saturday-I went to bed at 1:30AM. Because I couldn't get my Email working. I could open the Email, but reply or forward wouldn't work. At 5PM Indiana weather online post on Facebook that we will get snow at 4AM. So I rush to Walmart for the week.

Sunday-It Valentine Day. It was snowing at 8AM. I'm happy I went to Walmart Yesterday. Paoli School is close for Tomorrow. Because of the snow. 
Monday-All schools around Paoli is close. The workshop was open. They use they snow routes. Oly 3 disabled persons was there I came home ok. It start melting snow around 11AM.
 Tuesday-All the roads was clear from the snow. I didn't have any trouble getting to work or home.
Wednesday-The workshop are painting the bathrooms and lockers. So I took all my Clay Aiken concert pictures out of my locker. Stori call they having Livia 16th Birthday dinner Tomorrow night. 

 Thursday-I had to put a note in Livia Birthday card., telling her I will give her Birthday gift next week. I made 2 checks out. One is for Stori for Sophia and Harper Christmas gift. The other check is for Mike for the window wiper blades. I told Livia I would have her gift at the house on Monday. 
 Friday-We had bad wind gusts 40-45. I got $100.00 in dollar bills for Livia Birthday gift. I think I will wait until Tomorrow to get Today mail. Because of the wind. My friend Tracy what me to start calling her on Sundays again.

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