Friday, April 8, 2016

My week 4/2 to 4/8

Saturday-I didn't get any friendship books Today. So I'm not packing packing friendship books Today. So I'm not mailing any on Monday. We had bad wind Today. Some people had they power go out.
Sunday-I had a bad time getting to my Frontier account online. It took me 30 mins to pay my bill. When it only take 5 mins. They knew they had a trouble. 
 Monday-My neighbor on my right side mow his grass Yesterday. My neighbor on my left side mow his grass Today. I'm hoping to mow my grass on Sunday. 
 Tuesday-I had 8 load s of laundry at work, I got Friendship books in the mail. I thought my car was going to dead on my way home.

Wednesday-I gas my car up. I went in the Jay-C park to drive home. Because they was working on the road in front of Huck. So since February I been going that way home. 
Thursday-I got my own laundry done at 10:30AM. American Idol last show for good. OMG Clay Aiken, I fall in Love with Clay Aiken again. Clay could sing all night to me. The 7 and 8 grades went to Washington DC for the weekend. 

Friday-When I got on the Internet this Morning Clay was on Periscope after I went to bed. Then went I was at work. Clay Aiken was on Periscope order breakfast at driver thur McDonald. Paoli High School is on Periscope too

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