Friday, April 29, 2016

My week 4/23 to 4/29

Saturday-I watch the movie Till the Clouds Rolls By, It about Jerome Kern life. I wash my whites and Towels. I was going to hang out my towels outside. but the Sun didn't come out, I  didn't that many Friendship books to pack. 
 Sunday-I watch the movie Little Woman from 1949. I made my rent check out. My neighbor mow his grass. So I will mow my grass after work Tomorrow. 
Monday-After work only place I went to was Walmart. So I could get my mowing my grass done by 12:30pm. I pm Stori on Facebook to see when we can go to Jamey office. Stori came back saying Thursday. So if Stori have a sick kiddo we will not go. 

 Tuesday-I don't understand why I'm tried at work. I haven't change my time I get up. I never was tried when I went 4 days a week.
 Wednesday-I haven't received friendship books this week yet. My Claymate friend is a Grandma again. I paid my taxes for my trailer .
 Thursday-I took Stori Jamey , Owen and Lyzah out to eat at Railroad cafe. The lady ask if we need one ticket. Jamey said yes the old lady is paying. When I got the bill there was a a discount on the bill. Stori didn't understand why I have a discount . Jamey look at it, I got a senior discount. It made Jamey day.
 Friday-Order out day didn't go good.we was $10.00 short. 


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