Friday, May 20, 2016

My week 5/16 to 5/20

Saturday-I didn't wake up until 9AM. I sleep 8 hours. It was 47 when I got up for the day. I pack 5 brown envelopes with friendship book. There was a boom sound in Paoli Today.
 Sunday-At 1AM my heat came on. Yesterday I received a pen pal letter. So I wrote a pen pal letter. I will mail about 27 pen pal letters Tomorrow. I'm on the last puzzle in the Fill-in-puzzle at home. 
 Monday-After work. I went to William Brothers to get refills, didn't wait. Went to the bank. Then I park in the square in front of the old library walk to the post office. Then went back to get the pills from William Brother. Then went to Walmart for the week.I clean the car out with William Brother bags. I had about 4 William Brothers bags in my car. I received a brown envelope full of friendship book.
 Tuesday-I had 7 load of laundry at work. I cut T-shirts for rags. Mom upgrade hers jitterbug cell phone. She can text, take pictures and she have 911 button. 
Wednesday-Find out that we are ordering out next Friday. They will have the cookout on July 1. I received a pen pal letter Today. I'm in a new Fill-in-puzzle book Tonight. 
Thursday-I got last of laundry in the dryer before 10:30AM. Dad took my storage barn door off on Monday. Because the wood by the handle was bad. So dad put a new piece of wood on. Michael help  dad put  the door up Today. 
 Friday-I put some of the laundry away before work. I went to Walmart with coupons. Stori received her's Birthday gift in the mail from me yesterday it was from Body & Work. I got her favorite Gel. Carried and Away is the name. Her 40th Birthday is May 30th. 

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