Friday, May 27, 2016

My week 5/21 to 5/27

Saturday-I wake up at 9:41AM. I was going to print stuff from my print shop. I click on print it said if I what to hook the computer with the printer. I try 3 times and try to print a E-mail, I couldn't. So I text my niece for help. I thought I could turn off the computer to see if it help. So I turn off the computer. It help the computer working with the printer. I received the book Karen by Marie Killiea. My cable went out around 8:30PM. I try my TV in my bedroom it was out too. So I call my parents, Mom told me they have TV. So I post on Paoli Talk on Facebook. To see if anyone have they TV out. I call NewWave to tell them I was out guy couldn't help. The guy going to have someone come on Monday. Then a guy comment my post he said Cook St. had a outage. Cook St. is across the road from me The TV came back on at 10:15PM. 
 Sunday-Michael text me. To tell me he didn't forget my light fixes. He told me what he need to do. I text  Michael told him the other stuff should be first not me. 
 Monday-I went William Brothers to get refills I did wait for the pills. Christy text about down on June 10 to 12. She will try to have hers Grandddaughters come with her. I received 5 pen pal letter. One is a new person., from Deutschland. I can't read the letter. I received 2 brown envelopes full of friendship books. Stori open her's pool Today.
Tuesday-I received 2 pen pal letters and a battery for my Neuton mower. Stori have a fish tank in the living room.
Wednesday-I forgot my break food for work. After work. I went to the bank to get money for my electric. bill. I park in square in front of the old library. Then I walk to the Town Of Paoli to pay my bill. I received a pen pal letter from Germany. I received 2 brown  envelopes. and 1 was a small white envelope full of friendship books. The small white envelope is from Australia. 
Thursday-I hope Today is the last time washing 3 loads  of laundry at home until August. The power went out. I call Stori to tell her my power was out stold me her's was out too. It was out for about 15 mins.
 Friday-The order out was good. We had personal pan pizza. I received my paycheck before I go in the building.


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