Friday, May 13, 2016

My week 5/7 to 5/13

 Saturday-Today is Kentucky Derby. I cut weed and put roundup on stuff can't mow. Carol call she taking Mom to the Dorm for the Mother Day breakfast. I'm didn't  packing friendship books Today.
Sunday-Carol pick me up first then my parents. We went to West Bend Spring Hotel (Dorm). I had Buttermilk pancakes. I had to drink Orange Juice with Champagne (Mimose)

Monday-After work. I went to William Brother to refill pills. I did wait for them. Because I didn't have to go to the Bank or Post Office. I went to Walmart then. I received a brown envelope full of Friendship books. 

Tuesday-I had 7 load of laundry at work. It rain off and on from 2pm. I received a letter from a lady who want to be a pen pal with me. 
Wednesday-Persons who read my weekly blog. Should know the words I think it May stop means it I saying it may not stop. Not others.  I should put my not in my blog. but I didn't . Then persons wouldn't think the wrong thing. I'm not happy. 
 Thursday-By 8:15AM I got 5 pen pal letters done. Then I had breakfast. By 10:14AM I had 14 pen pal letters done without the first 5 letters. I got the other 6 pen pal letters done by 3PM. 
Friday-I got the mower out by the sidewalk before I went to work. Carol stop by  She mow for about 2 mins. I didn't want her to. I think I may  have to buy a new battery for the mower it was stopping. 


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