Friday, June 17, 2016

My week 6/11 to 6/17

Saturday-I'm sick of the bitch Carol. I understand why class 1974 and class 1975 call her a bitch in school. She don't listen. I told her in October to keep out of my business. But she got in my business today about my car, and she did it in front of Sophia our 5 year old Great-Niece. If I did what she did I would be ground to my home. 

Sunday-I didn't feel good all day. I pre-order Baked cimmon french toast stick, Alaskan cod fish and Beer battered Alaskacod from Schwan's. Stori call about Owen Birthday they having it Tomorrow. I told Stori I wouldn't be there.
 Monday-The new Landlord had the sewer clean out. They found Tampons and lady's monthly pads in the sewer. My doctor is moving out of Paoli next Summer. 

Tuesday-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. It storm in the afternoon. So I didn't go get my mail. 
Wednesday-I haven't received any friendship books this week. I have received pen pal letters
 Thursday-I had all my laundry hanging outside by 10:30AM. I didn't clean the trailer Today. I didn't put my laundry away Tonight.
 Friday-I don't understand why Carol can't keep her word. In February or March. Carol told me I had to delete all my weather apps on my Iphone. Because I only need 1 apps for weather. But I had it this way for 3 years. Then she told me, I need to sale my kitchen table. Then last Saturday she told me, I had to wash my car Today, and I was going to the wrong place to get my car oil change.

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    It sounds like Carol has a major problem. I don't think she is happy and is taking it out on you. I would blow my stack as that is not something I would be able to handle. She really does need to mind her own business.

    Sorry that you are going to have to get a new doctor. It's hard once you get used to one.

    You are doing just great and you should ignore what Carol says.

    Take care,