Friday, July 1, 2016

My week 6/25 to 7/1

Saturday-By 12PM I had towels hanging outside to dry and had my grass mow. My hair and T-shirt was wet after mowing. I pack 7 brown envelopes with friendship books. 
 Sunday-I pay my rent $165.00 I pay my Iphone. I was on the phone with UPS. So they can pick up a box Tomorrow from my trailer.
Monday-Walmart didn't move the 12 pack of water from the top self. They working on the sidewalk in the front of the post office. 
 Tuesday-I received friendship books from a lady from Pierre, SD. She like to be swap with me. I have 445 pages to go in the book Night Shall Overtake Us. 
Wednesday-Clay Aiken was on the View Today about the bathroom law in North Carolina. I received friendship books from a lady from Wheelersburg, OH.
 Thursday-I had my laundry wash and outside hanging to dry by 9:14AM. I dust my bathroom floor. At 2PM I wash my car at home. Stori have a new kitten.
 Friday-After work I went to Walmart for the week. So I don't have to go on 7/4Now I can wait until 7/11.

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