Friday, July 8, 2016

My week 7/2 to 7/8

Saturday-Carol text about having dinner and fire work at 6PM. I text back saying have fun. I wonder how long it will take Carol to know I will never be around. Until she understand what stay out of someone business means. I didn't feel good. I received my address labels.

Sunday-I took Aleve last night before I went to bed. I feel better. I start playing Farkle Blitz. I didn't clean house. 
 Monday-It 4th of July. It rain all day. I start feeling bad again. I didn't clean house again.Clay Aiken having a Christmas concert on December 16 at Chandler center for the art in Chandler AZ.
 Tuesday-I had only 6 load of laundry at work. So I went home at 10:30AM. Clay don't have any other dates for concerts. I think it one concert. 
Wednesday-It was crazy at work Today. A couple break up. Then 30 mins later they was back together. I vacuum my computer room. I hope I can vacuum my bedroom and living room  Tomorrow. 

 Thursday-I got my laundry done and hanging up in the trailer by 9:20AM. I do have adryer. I use it to dry my underwear. I vacuum my bedroom but not the living room yet.
 Friday-5 police was kill in Dallas, TX last night. There was a shooter. Who want all white police kill. The police kill the shooter.
 until next time

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