Friday, September 23, 2016

My Week 9/17 to 9/23

Saturday-I received friendship books Today. But I'm not sending any on Monday. Because everyone sent small envelopes.
Sunday-I peel 7 little Red potato's and fry them for dinner I had bake fish from Schwan's too. Malcolm is 1 month old Today.

Monday-A friend was talking about the death of Cowboy Bob. He was on Bloomington Indiana TV Channel WTTV FROM 1970 TO 1989 
 Tuesday-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. My boss wasn't there. I found out that Blue River Internet will be stop for good on 9/30.
 Wednesday-No one work after 12PM Yesterday. So I only had 6 Blue pads to wash. So I was about to go home before break.
Thursday-I pm Stori to see if Parker was going to school. Stori said Yes, but Jamey is sick. He kept Stori up all night. So Stori sleep until 11:45AM. She text to see if I want to go to Wendy's lunch so I can update my Iphone. We got there we turn the Wi-Hi on. The Iphone wouldn't update I try Stori try it wouldn't update. 
 Friday-I mow my grass. It took me an hour and 25 mins to mow. I call Stori, she told me Jamey said yes I can update to a new Iphone. We talking about to Guy Fieri restaurant on 4 Street Live in Louisville, KY

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