Friday, September 30, 2016

My week 9/24 to 9/30

Saturday-I received Hoosier Upland Energy Assistance paper work. I fill them out, I will take them in on Monday.The Shufferfly pictures came Today too. Stori pm me another drawing of Parker.
Sunday-I made up my mind about starting to wear blue jeans Tomorrow. I hate thinking about wearing jeans. It will take me longer in the morning.
 Monday-A friend of my getting all of her hair cut off. Her hair falling out because of her chemo. I took the papers to Hoosier Upland.
 Tuesday-It Shaun Cassidy Birthday. I tweet Shaun Happy Birthday. and told him He was my first Tenn Idol.
Wednesday-After work. I went to Starr to get my Furnace filter. They was working on the road. I was in line so I couldn't move my car for about 7 mins before I could move my car. 
 Thursday-Stori text to see if I want to go to Bedford Today. Because she going to get shoes for Owen. I got a Iphone6+. Then I went to Hallmark cards for get well cards.

Friday-It hit me as I was getting out of the shower, I forgot to mail a rent check on Sunday. So I had to make a rent check out after I got dress. Order out day went crazy. 

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