Friday, October 7, 2016

My week 10/1 to 10/7

Saturday- I'm sign up with my bank online, to check my checking account and saving. Because I upload the app on my Iphone. 
  Sunday- I wash what was in the washer on Thursday again. Then I wash my whites.

Monday-I pay my Electric  bill. I received a Thank you card from my friend. Because I been sending her funny get well cards.
 Tuesday-My boss wasn't there at work. She took the week off. Because Paoli kiddo have Fall Break this week. 
 Wednesday-I'm out of Data on my Iphone. Verizon put in Safety Mode with reduced Speed. I made a doctor appointment for Tomorrow. My friend have a blood clot in her neck.She didn't came to work. She was was going to a doctor for the blood clot. Then went for her chemo.

 Thursday-My doctor didn't see me until 11:15AM. He change my pills to Losartan potassium. I had a headache from the pills. It didn't go away. So if I wake up Tomorrow with a headache. I will stop taking the pill.
 Friday-I didn't have a headache this morning. I did have a headache from the pill when I take it at lunch Today. Today I got Yesterday and Today mail. I got a powerball ticket.



  1. That rash looks nasty. Glad the headaches went away.